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This section of the site contains anything we record that is not really a complete song. Most of the sounds here are recorded without much planning, usually over the course of a few hours or an evening. You might think of this page as a sort of "audio journal" where the ongoing activities of Magnetic or Mosaic are posted for anyone interested.

As such, expect the unexpected. Sound quality may not be as good, and we make no apologies if you stumble upon something that just hurts your ears.

Down in the Valley (The Head and The Heart Cover)
Posted 3.15.12
In keeping with last month's recording, I think this was again our second time ever playing this song. Ryan and I have been joined by Adam Figi on keys for our recent jams. Here's a slightly embelished version of a song by The Head and The Heart. Ryan on vocals and guitar, Adam on Keys, and Shawn (who doesn't really know how to play the song) providing atmospheric guitar through a couple of pedals. All a single "live" take.
Down in the Valley

Lonely Boy (Black Keys cover)
Posted 2.9.12
A quick post from a good session last weekend with my friend Ryan.
This recording was actually only the second time we played this song, but we didn't record it again, so I'm just gonna post it. We fucked up a couple times, but oh well. Ryan on bass and keys, Shawn on guitar, both on vocals, and Ryan's trusty ol' drum machine holding down the skins. The keys and backup vox in the chorus were overdubbed, but the rest was all one take.
Feedback welcomed as always...
Lonely Boy

Fischer's Machine
Posted 1.25.2011
Finally, something new on the site!
This is a quick track that came together over the last week or so. It's a little rough around the edges, but I decided that rather than tinkering with it for months and probably never finishing it, I'd just put it on the sounds page... cuz that's what the page is for. A more polished song soon to come, I hope. There are signs of life in the m||m studio...
All parts by Shawn. Feedback welcomed as always...
Fischer's Machine...

Pedal Heaven
Posted 1.11.09
If living pedals go to metal, where do pedals go when they die?
This evening's brief experiment gives a half-assed demonstration of the new Danelectro FAB overdrive and French Toast pedals given to me for xmas by my brother and wife.
I didn't exactly spend a ton of time making things sound perfect, but here it is: bad drums, lackluster bass, FAB overdrive (R channel, early lead, later rhythm), and French Toast (L Channel, early rhythm, later lead) all by Shawn. Incidentally, brother dan also bought me the Yamaha DD55 that was used for the drums here - factory sounds no less.
Eternal Pedals...

eVaporation Jams
The last 2 weekends, Steve came down from LA with his new Roland V-drums to play some music. Initially, the intent was to have him record parts for some of the songs I have in progress, but mostly we just played around. It was great to finally be playing music with someone again. More of these to come in the next few weeks, when I get around to mixing...

BOXCARS Posted 4.24.8 (This one is long, but the best of the bunch)
Evaporation #3 Posted 4.24.8

Cleanwaves (Acoustic)
Posted 3.5.8
A preview of things to come. I'm planning on doing a lot of recording and songwriting this month. This song was written in February, and the 'full' version of it will be part of whatever collection I can put together this spring. In the meantime, here's an informal acoustic preview. All one continuous take (except the brief electric geetar solo - I can't play 2 guitars at once).

The India Ringaround
Posted 12.9.7
This is a quick recording made on a post-call afternoon with a sunny California sky and a 6 pack of IPA. Since it's just an informal recording for the Sounds page, I experimented with some different compressors and reverbs than I usually do.

Used, Reused, Abused, Amused
Posted 12.6.5
I decided this afternoon that I needed to make a little noise, so here's a brief recording of it. Instruments included a djembe drum, 2 guitars, and a slide. Yes, I know I'm a bit out of time in at least one place, but I don't care.

I was just sitting here playing my ibanez through the analog delay into a clean amplifier setting, and my random knob twisting resulted in this super-resonant sound. I'm not sure how to describe it, but as I'd play, the room would just fill with this standing wave that seemed to pulsate around the walls. I tried to record it by just putting a room mic in the center of my little studio. Nothing fancy, but pleasantly atmospheric. 2.6.05

More Than the Sun
I recorded this sometime in the Spring of 2003, and if I recall correctly the predominant percussive sound in this was created by smacking a beer bottle with a pen and putting the resulting sound into a drum sampler. This was just collecting dust on the hard drive, so I thought I'd post it. Posted 7.14.04.

Head Feast
This is a bizarre piece recorded in the coal room by Shawn and Kevin. Kevin played the Chapman Stick while Shawn played the Drumkat and also beat the strings of his acoustic guitar with a drum stick. Posted 7.14.04.

The Nurse Who Loved Me (Failure Cover)
I haven't updated in so long that I just had to put up something. So, here's a VERY rough acoustic recording of me slaughtering Failure's fantastic track. This was one continuous take this afternoon, one mic, no effects, and no editing... but, it was a good time. Outtakes at the end... Posted 10.24.03.

Birthday Present
This is a love song for my analog delay. Thank you Kevin. Posted 7.21.03.

It's not a house (It's my nuts)
Okay... I'm re-posting this because of popular request. Really, I'm not kidding. This was recorded a very long time ago... but its humor is as timeless as it is crass.

Peeled for Once and Peeled for Twice
Recorded and posted on July 8, 2003. These are pretty much "looping" pieces... both are the same idea, but executed much differently. A sparse electro-drum part coupled with a clean guitar running into a long stereo delay. One take on each piece, and an extra synth part on the 2nd one.

Recorded and posted on March 27, 2003. 8 minutes of Shawn and an acoustic guitar in a storage closet; Going for the natural "small room sound." Kind eastern/spanish sounding. No processing on this except a quick run through the mastering program. Oh... and there are pictures of me in the tiny room here.

Roof Leaks
Recorded and posted on March 25, 2003. Caution - this track is almost totally devoid of melody. Mostly it's just weird percussive sounds, synths, and an ill-tuned slide guitar. Still, it carries with it a certain image. Named for the roof leak in my office ceiling earlier today.

This short piece started with a "world" percussion loop that I gradually embelished with various percussive and electronic sounds. Add a leslied 12-string and another sparse guitar part, and here's "splish." So named for the act of stepping in unseen water.

Even Though
Recorded and Posted on February 18, 2003. This was my little experiment in weirdness tonight. A sorta eastern sounding guitar and electronics piece.

We Can't Count
I just remembered that I haven't been updating this section, so I thought I'd post a couple small things. Caution: If you have any delusions that we have any musical talent or even basic intellectual capacity, this clip will show you otherwise. Three members of m| |m (who will remain nameless) try to figure out the tempo for Gar's weird-time-signature song.

Buck 25
5/4 Synth weirdness. A short clip recorded september of 2002.

Welcome from Sticky
Posted 9.4.2. I (Shawn) have returned to IL for a little while. KS came by the studio on my first night home, and played the Chapman Stick for a little while. Of course, he didn't know I was recording it. I provided the FX tweaking and drums.

Post BC Guitar
Posted 8.25.2. This is a very short clip of SM playing the 12 string. An interesting few notes (sorta classical sounding) came out after watching Bob Culbertson play stick today.

Runner's High
An exercise in drinking lots of beer and playing with a pile of effects pedal, including a cheap Zoom delay set to 4 seconds, and a wah pedal that picks up AM Radio. One take guitar, one take drums.

The Marsupial DXM Phaser
This is a short clip to demonstrate the ridiculousness of a new effects patch I created in software. You'll hear it at the beginning.

Blue Thumb
This clip was recorded very late one night, and it showcases the interesting effects of a complete lack of sleep. Two takes, end to end.

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