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Shawn M.

The one constant part of magnetic or mosaic is me - Shawn. This site, this music, and the meager yet persistent existence of this project are my illegitimate brainchildren. The cumbersome m||m name? Yes, guilty as charged. The Magnetic studio is now in version 8, having existed in 2 Boulder locations as well as Springfield, Schaumburg, Champaign, Peoria, San Diego, and now Portland. This music is not my job. It is not a success, nor is it profitable. It is not consistent or reliable, and it seems like something for which I just never have enough time. However, it is something I'm very passionate about. I hope to be making and recording noise until the day I die.

As a result of all the non-musical things that I must tend to in life, the activity of magnetic or mosaic (and hence this site) waxes and wanes. Even through long periods of dormancy, the site stays right here, looking at me and making me feel guilty until I finally put fingers to strings and turn on a microphone. Thanks for checking us out. You can contact me at shawn(at)magneticormosaic(dot)com.