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Kevin S.

If m||m had a mother and father, Kevin might be the bathtub gin they drank on the night of conception.
He spends too much time in the glow of a 17" monitor. Usually, this monitor is displaying someone else's source code that does not function well. He is an obsessive fan of early seventies British progressive rock, a behavior precipitated by the discovery of Jethro Tull after an impulse buy of "Broadsword and the Beast" because it had a cool cover. His ostracization by peers during late adolescence was more or less sealed because of the tendency to wear a brown felt hat with the cassette insert of the aforementioned album tucked into the brim. Currently, Kevin is enamored with Gabriel-era Genesis, Tool, and Sigur Ros. In addition to these interests, Kevin posseses a strange ability to remember obscure information about every musical instrument, effect, or processor ever manufactured. Don't believe me? Try it: kevin(at)magneticormosaic(dot)com.