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Gary F.

Although playing guitar is his first and most true love, Gary carries other infatuations that seem to gobble up his time. Almost always, these infatuations are connected to the discipline and study of letting go. When his first guitar teacher asked him what he wanted to accomplish as a musician, his reply was "to be able to play over anything." What was really desired was an ability to compose on the spot. His first 7 years of playing guitar were spent dedicated to the development of a highly pattern oriented, theoretical, and deductive, method of improvising. This was successful... to a degree. Gary always found something lacking in this system; things were too calculated and meticulous.

In the early 90s, Gary met Kevin S. The two of them spent MANY hours (and brain cells) engaged in sessions that required them to musically let go. The thought behind the process was simple. Clear your mind; take the first thing you hear, let "IT" chose the direction. Over time Kevin and Gary became a single sonic unit that could "lock in" musically at the drop of a hat. In 2000, it was discovered that a gentleman by the name of Shawn M. carried a similar musical motivation. Thus, FFTSQ was born (see FFTSQ In the present, Gary manages to juggle a wife, two children, numerous antique guns, and six strings. Here's an interesting tidbit: Shawn M. first started playing music under the instruction of Kevin's later-to-be wife, and eventually took up guitar under the instruction of Gary. Go figure.
Gary can be contacted at gary(at)magneticormosaic(dot)com