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Adam B.

It's hard to describe the role that Adam plays in the m||m family, but since we're making analogies, he might be the loveable misfit who adds an appropriate degree of disruption to the scence. You know, like Boner from Growing Pains, or Six, from Blossom. Adam doesn't play a lot of guitar, but he does own a vintage Ibanez ICEMAN once owned by our own Kevin; a rare instrument actually certified to meet USDA standards for allowable filth. He also doesn't really program our electronic music parts, but he has repeatedly helped keep our outdated recording computer limping along at its very best, recently contributing (with his lovely fiance) a second display for dual-monitor music goodness, as well as our new website design. Most importantly, Adam is our most honest critic, telling us frequently when things suck or generally disappoint the ear.
Adam's voice in the process is on display more literally on the brand new song Horseshoe Ghosts (to be available very soon). He sings with Shawn on the choruses. Look for more contributions from Adam in the future, or just bother him for fun at adam(at)magneticormosaic(dot)com.